Galaxy Life Hack

Galaxy Life Hack v1.1.2

Hello, my name is Piotr Nowak I am 19 years and study information technology and programming on a private university in Poland. I enjoy spending time with my friends and my lovely girlfriend. I also love playing video games! It’s my favourite freetime activity. That is the reason why I study programming and information technology! If you want to know more about me, check my about page out! (Don’t worry, it will open in a new tab, so you can just tab back here to continue reading)

What is Galaxy Life?

Galaxy Life ist just a game I love to play and the reason why I created the this Galaxy Life Cheat. You can get more information about this game here. (Again, it opens in a new tab)

It’s basically a build-up strategy game you can play on Facebook and various browser game platforms. I has a huge potentional of fun, but I think you already know this, if you are on my site.

Features of this Galaxy Life Hack

This Galaxy Life Hack for the Facebook strategy game “Galaxy Life” is more like a Galaxy Life Cheat. You don’t need to hack something, you just use our tool to cheat yourself — and even friends — resources like Galaxy Chips, Coins, Minerals and Workers!

You just connect your account by logging in with you Facebook account — don’t worry, I can’t see your password, because your information take an encrypted way directly from your computer to the Facebook login servers. The Galaxy Life Hack does not see or safe anything! — and you choose the resources you want to generate! You can generate with this Galaxy Life Hack as much resources as you want. But I suggest you to not generate more than 25.000 units per resource per day. It has an Anti-Ban function, but safe is safe. Please also check the “Proxy” checkbox for safety reasons!


How can a Hack for Galaxy Life work?

It wasn’t easy to make this Galaxy Life Hack a working one, but after a lot of work I finally managed it. It was quite frustrating, especially at the beginning, but I had a goal and I archived it! I found a gap in the security system, which can’t be fixed so easy. (hehe :D)

But you don’t have to worry about your safety. You won’t get caught and sued for hacking by using this hacktool. As I said before, it’s more like a Galaxy Life Cheat. You cheat on a game server. This is a 100% legal activity!

How can this be free?

I have to say, it’s only free for a short time period! During the beta tests of version 1.1.2 this Galaxy Life Cheat is free. I can’t tell you when the beta tests are finally over, but I can say there are only some performance tests left. So act fast while it’s free to use for everybody! After this I will charge 20$ per month for it. Acting fast now pays of at the end! 😉


 Here you can find the download link provided for fast downloading by You can also find a virustotal test here, so you can trust me this file is 100% virus and malware free!



Have fun using my Galaxy Life Hack, your Piotr Nowak!